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The WA Raiders “Toast” Saruman!

Kin Dinendae / Jun 25, 2012
Saruman’s destruction of the once pristine tower of Orthanac, being an effrontery to all the free people’s, a group of heroes banded together to assault the fortress wit the intent of thwarting the now evil wizard’s terrorizing of Fangorn forest and the border’s of Rohan. After considerable effort over the course on many weeks, we had managed to penetrate the tower’s roots, meeting and slaying countless dunlending warrors, trolls, monstrous cave-claws, orcs, uruks, wargs, and foul slime beasts, as well as five foul champions: two perverted giants, a troll, and two other monstrosities of unclear origin, seizing from each a ring of power that had been created by Saruman himself.

After numerous excursions into the highest reaches of the tower, during which we faced numerous clones of the perverted wizard, we felt we had gained knowledge of how to use the rings were had seized to thwart whatever evil Saruman was intending. Thus it was that our group gathered together just two Monday’s ago to attempt to defeat the “multi-colored” madman.

Our group consisted of twelve hearty souls: The final trek through the mysterious passages of the tower was led by Marisibelle (B-ToT), a woman burglar from Bree. Behind her came the rest of the hearty band - the famed warriors Malekovar (G-ToT), Galanur (G-RoF), Illorian (Ch-Elendili), and Donethat (Ch-ToT), two captains of renown, Raidon (TR) and Lassien (Elendili), two archers of much repute, Ardreth (ToT), and Mypoka (TR), two noted healers, the famous hobbit minstrel Ekio (ToT), the renowned runekeeper Siettln (ToT), and the loremaster Celebbrethil (GLC).

Having reached the pinnacle roof of Orthanc and prepared ourselves for an epic fight, five of the group - Marisibelle (Shadow), Ekio (Acid), Siettln (Lightning), Lassien (Fire), and Celebbrethil (Frost) - donned Saruman’s rings of power, thus declaring our intent to confront the madman and overthrow him.

Clearly the wizard though to smash our intrepid band quickly, summoning five clones of himself, each attuned to one of the rings of power, to fight us in mortal combat. However, having taken the measure of these foes on previous occasions, they were quickly destroyed. The wizard responded by creating five more which fought us amid conjured environments of shadow, acid, lightning, frost, and fire, but again we had their measure and quickly slew them. Becoming more irritated with our efforts, the Wizard created yet another group of five foes who again accosted us, this time with Saruamn joining the fight himself, assaulting us with spells of shadow and acid, bolts of fire, lightning, and ice, and wicked curses of disease, poison, foul wounds, and waves of fear. None the less, our intrepid band again destroyed our foes. In response, the wizard again conjured five more clones of power and renewed the magical assault on our little band, but again it was to no avail.

Finally, recognizing that with his rings we were successfully challenging his power, the foul wizard made a more concerted effort to destroy us, summoning ten elemental beings, two for each ring of power, while the wizard himself finally threw the full power of his fearsome spells at us all. The situation quickly became dire, as the “clones of shadow” could heal their own, undoing in moments the fearsome damage wrought upon them by the blows of arrow and sword. The power of the enemy was an awesome display, and three of our band were badly battered and briefly knocked from the fight. While Malekovar tricked most of the enemies into chasing him about the tower, Ekio’s music, Siettln’s magic, and charisma of the two captains rallied our wounded, and while Marisibelle and Donethat thwarted one shadow clones attempts at further healing, the rest of our group finally destroyed the other shadow clone, and though the fight was utterly chaotic, the other shadow clone was also destroyed, and then, in turn, the other eight were as well!

Thus denuded of his magical guardians, the band was finally able to attack the mad wizard himself and, coward that he was, he fled "his" tower with a final display of destructive magic that likely would have destroyed us all – but, behold, a great eagle - the windlord himself – arrived in our hour of need and in an unbelievable feat of dexterity, snatched all 12 of our band off the roof before the magic could slay us, and safely deposited each of us in the safety of the forest below.

Thus, Saruman, though not destroyed, was deprived of his rings of power – which were used up in the great battle – and with his army destroyed and he being unable to cast further spells of destruction upon the realm outside the fortress, the fop has fled the tower to locations unknown ... what evil the fallen wizard may still do elsewhere remains to be seen …

Contributed by Luinmiriel-Magellin


Love the write up!
Very nice Luin...congrats!
Wow, nicely written Luin! And the adventure continues ...
Sweet! Well done in deed and word!
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