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An Attack At Dawn...

Kin Dinendae / Jun 08, 2012
The Ranger Siniath has called for our aid. The refugee's have made it safely to the hidden camp, but our lookouts spotted some goblin-scouts that followed them. These creatures fled back to Dol Dinen and are holed up there for the moment. The Rangers have asked us to make sure the location of their hidden refuge stays a secret. Our group of noble adventurers did not let them down. We planned our attack for dawn.

As light started to creep up over the horizon, our band of brave hero's charged the main gate of Dol Dinen. Resistance was strong, but our band was determined. I had the honor of supporting Mildrede, a warrior of noble character and fierce battle prowess. We charged side by side up the ramps and through the main gate to deliver our blades to the waiting foe. The battle for this gate was soon won. With the fall of these atrocious cretins, we charged forth to the western and eastern gates. We wanted no foul creature to survive our assault. These enemy soldiers did not stand against our onslaught for very long. My blade danced alongside Mildrede's sword and shield, lending aid and mustering courage to all our allies.

The central gate fell quickly as well, although we had to be cautious of the incoming hail of stones from the catapults of the orcs. Our archers made short work of those trying to charge through our wall of steel blades to get to our casters. It was a sight to behold. We finally cleared the encampment of their Chief, a half-orcish creature named Graug. Once he realized that there was no where else to run, he turned to face us in the hopes that his scouts might get away in the confusion. Our archers were able to dash those evil thoughts quickly enough. After what felt like hours, we finally put this putrid, odorous beast to rest. Not a single scout survived to spread the secret location of the Ranger's hidden refuge. It was a epic success.


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