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The Gatecrashers!

Kin Dinendae / May 31, 2012
Harken, a dwarf of no small stature from Lonley Mountain, sniffed the musky air. His senses highly trained from years of hunting in the wastelands of Middle Earth, catching a hint of putrid sweat. 'Trolls' he muttered under his breath. 'Big ones too.' Harken was on a scouting mission from his kinship. They had heard that Saruman had trolls guarding the gates. It was a concern that these may cause a problem for the assault that was planned later. He saw that there were 2 great trolls standing guard. And they smelled bad. Not an 'Ale-belch smell' bad, but a 'I really don't want to get near them' bad. He needed to get this information back to his comrades.

Back at the Kinhouse, Harken told his fellows about what he had discovered. The response was phenomenal. Not only the Thorns join the assault, but there were members from The Watch, Elendili, Lore Seekers, Aragorn's Allies, The Godlike Crown, Righteous Kingdom and countless others. You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful or eager band of adventurers. They mustered near the gates shortly before the assault to discuss the strategy they would use to defeat these behemoths. All the while, the tiny frame of the hobbit Pipsneak was just itching to charge forward to prove herself in combat. Finally, the threat of no breakfasts calmed her down enough to finish the battle plan.

Finally it was time for the assault to begin. In charged a heavily armoured squad of warriors! They were hell bent on keeping one of the trolls occupied while the rest of the group tackled the second one. Healers let fly to keep the morale and health of our armoured fighters up so that the rest could down the second troll. Mages let fly with powerful magic. Hunters let loose bombardments of deadly arrows and bolts. And the warriors just plowed right in to beat it down to submission. Great ballads and many stories shall be told of this battle. There was honor and glory won on this day. This band shall be known as 'The Gatecrashers' for their valiant fight against these mighty foes. We should never forget these warriors of courage and bravery to stand up to the cruelty of Saruman. They deserve our respect and admiration! The Windfola Alliance salutes you!


Love your comments, looking forward to reading the next one :-)
A story well told.

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