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A Minor Skirmish - Defense of the Prancing Pony!

Kin Dinendae / May 23, 2012
The lady Izzabella has sent out a call to arms! A band of heroes is in need of my mighty blade and inspiring words. It appears that our friends at the Prancing Pony in Bree are being accosted by brigands bent on destroying that beacon of peace and fellowship. Of course I answered the call and swiftly joined with this noble band of brothers (and sisters) to defend this well known establishment from harm. Wave upon Wave of attacks charged our ranks. Wolves and Orcs! Brigands and Mages! The enemy kept coming and coming! This foe was determined to destroy this bastion of hope. Of the twelve of us, only one fell to their attacks. With the fall of our comrade, our mission teetered on the edge of failure. Luckily I noticed the faltering of my fellows and gave a mighty challenge to our foes. This inspired my comrades to new heights of courage and bolstered their morale! It was an epic battle, worthy of many songs and ballads! In the end, the enemy's mighty and fearsome leader was felled by our band and the patrons of the Prancing Pony were rescued from harm. We were also able to revive our fallen comrade and mend his wounds.

It was an honor to have been called to battle beside this heroic band of warriors, wizards, and adventurers. Should you have need of my blade again, sound the horn of glory and I shall be there to fight at your side!

Yours in honor and service,
Berenhathol of the Kindred


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