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The return of WA

Oath Kimiakane / Jan 23, 2015
Hello everyone, with the upcoming LOTRO server merging announced, I felt it very necessary for us to revitalize and reorganize our alliance which had grown all but dormant during 2014. We should do this certainly by updating our data and also considering updating our chat channel as well since WAC5 is now more than a couple years old.

Some of the kins in our alliance have seemingly passed on and some which had kin websites no longer do as well. Besides The Oathsworn, I have also been in contact with and received positive interest from the leaders of the Thorns of Telperion, Elendili, The Kindred, House of Blackrock, Light & Flame, The Malledhrim Defenders, Dawning Eclipse and The Wayfarers! All other leaders have also received mail a couple weeks ago inviting their participation in reestablishing our Alliance so hopefully we will hear from them soon!

WA is back, and together we can make it a grander organization than ever!


Looking forward to renewing our alliances and meeting friends old and new.

Never hesitate to let me know how I can help.

Re: Inactive Alliance Kinships
We can conduct another roll call such as we did a couple years back. That is good framework for moving forward to see who still around and also want to remain allied.
Indeed, I sent a contact letter to all the leaders of the various kinships. As of yesterday's date, only the kin leaders of those mentioned above have responded. We'll give them some more time though. ;)
We need a role call in the counselors area for it to be official.
The watch is still alive :D
Sorry everyone, work and real life have kept me out of the game recently but Ash is always on the ball!
The Kindred has had several leadership changes and is in a rocky state but we are still interested in remaining in the WAC. We are looking forward to contributing in any way we can!
Everyone please post your intention to stay with WA in the Counselors' thread ROLL CALL 2015, thank you! :)
Sorry Elendili is here still around just don't come to site much anymore since its been so dead :)
Brenter the White is here, after giving all my medic exams and passing them I can have a few moments of breath. :) I can assist on designing or creating a WA flag banners etc.. just name it :)