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Oath Kimiakane / Jan 23, 2015
Hello everyone, with the upcoming LOTRO server merging announced, I felt it very necessary for us to revitalize and reorganize our alliance which had grown all but dormant during 2014. We should do this certainly by updating our data and also considering updating our chat channel as well since WAC5 is now more than a couple years old.

Some of the kins in our alliance have seemingly passed on and some which had kin websites no longer do as well. Besides The Oathsworn, I have also been in contact with and received positive interest from the leaders of the Thorns of Telperion, Elendili, The Kindred, House of Blackrock, Light & Flame, The Malledhrim Defenders, Dawning Eclipse and The Wayfarers! All other leaders have also received mail a couple weeks ago inviting their participation in reestablishing our Alliance so hopefully we will hear from them soon!

WA is back, and together we can make it a grander organization than ever!
Kin Dinendae / Jun 25, 2012
Saruman’s destruction of the once pristine tower of Orthanac, being an effrontery to all the free people’s, a group of heroes banded together to assault the fortress wit the intent of thwarting the now evil wizard’s terrorizing of Fangorn forest and the border’s of Rohan. After considerable effort over the course on many weeks, we had managed to penetrate the tower’s roots, meeting and slaying countless dunlending warrors, trolls, monstrous cave-claws, orcs, uruks, wargs, and foul slime beasts, as well as five foul champions: two perverted giants, a troll, and two other monstrosities of unclear origin, seizing from each a ring of power that had been created by Saruman himself.

After numerous excursions into the highest reaches of the tower, during which we faced numerous clones of the perverted wizard, we felt we had gained knowledge of how to use the rings were had seized to thwart whatever evil Saruman was intending. Thus it was that our group gathered together just two Monday’s ago to attempt to defeat the “multi-colored” madman.

Our group consisted of twelve hearty souls: The final trek through the mysterious passages of the tower was led by Marisibelle (B-ToT), a woman burglar from Bree. Behind her came the rest of the hearty band - the famed warriors Malekovar (G-ToT), Galanur (G-RoF), Illorian (Ch-Elendili), and Donethat (Ch-ToT), two captains of renown, Raidon (TR) and Lassien (Elendili), two archers of much repute, Ardreth (ToT), and Mypoka (TR), two noted healers, the famous hobbit minstrel Ekio (ToT), the renowned runekeeper Siettln (ToT), and the loremaster Celebbrethil (GLC).

Having reached the pinnacle roof of Orthanc and prepared ourselves for an epic fight, five of the group - Marisibelle (Shadow), Ekio (Acid), Siettln (Lightning), Lassien (Fire), and Celebbrethil (Frost) - donned Saruman’s rings of power, thus declaring our intent to confront the madman and overthrow him.

Clearly the wizard though to smash our intrepid band quickly, summoning five clones of himself, each attuned to one of the rings of power, to fight us in mortal combat. However, having taken the measure of these foes on previous occasions, they were quickly destroyed. The wizard responded by creating five more which fought us amid conjured environments of shadow, acid, lightning, frost, and fire, but again we had their measure and quickly slew them. Becoming more irritated with our efforts, the Wizard created yet another group of five foes who again accosted us, this time with Saruamn joining the fight himself, assaulting us with spells of shadow and acid, bolts of fire, lightning, and ice, and wicked curses of disease, poison, foul wounds, and waves of fear. None the less, our intrepid band again destroyed our foes. In response, the wizard again conjured five more clones of power and renewed the magical assault on our little band, but again it was to no avail.

Finally, recognizing that with his rings we were successfully challenging his power, the foul wizard made a more concerted effort to destroy us, summoning ten elemental beings, two for each ring of power, while the wizard himself finally threw the full power of his fearsome spells at us all. The situation quickly became dire, as the “clones of shadow” could heal their own, undoing in moments the fearsome damage wrought upon them by the blows of arrow and sword. The power of the enemy was an awesome display, and three of our band were badly battered and briefly knocked from the fight. While Malekovar tricked most of the enemies into chasing him about the tower, Ekio’s music, Siettln’s magic, and charisma of the two captains rallied our wounded, and while Marisibelle and Donethat thwarted one shadow clones attempts at further healing, the rest of our group finally destroyed the other shadow clone, and though the fight was utterly chaotic, the other shadow clone was also destroyed, and then, in turn, the other eight were as well!

Thus denuded of his magical guardians, the band was finally able to attack the mad wizard himself and, coward that he was, he fled "his" tower with a final display of destructive magic that likely would have destroyed us all – but, behold, a great eagle - the windlord himself – arrived in our hour of need and in an unbelievable feat of dexterity, snatched all 12 of our band off the roof before the magic could slay us, and safely deposited each of us in the safety of the forest below.

Thus, Saruman, though not destroyed, was deprived of his rings of power – which were used up in the great battle – and with his army destroyed and he being unable to cast further spells of destruction upon the realm outside the fortress, the fop has fled the tower to locations unknown ... what evil the fallen wizard may still do elsewhere remains to be seen …

Contributed by Luinmiriel-Magellin
Kin Dinendae / Jun 08, 2012
The Ranger Siniath has called for our aid. The refugee's have made it safely to the hidden camp, but our lookouts spotted some goblin-scouts that followed them. These creatures fled back to Dol Dinen and are holed up there for the moment. The Rangers have asked us to make sure the location of their hidden refuge stays a secret. Our group of noble adventurers did not let them down. We planned our attack for dawn.

As light started to creep up over the horizon, our band of brave hero's charged the main gate of Dol Dinen. Resistance was strong, but our band was determined. I had the honor of supporting Mildrede, a warrior of noble character and fierce battle prowess. We charged side by side up the ramps and through the main gate to deliver our blades to the waiting foe. The battle for this gate was soon won. With the fall of these atrocious cretins, we charged forth to the western and eastern gates. We wanted no foul creature to survive our assault. These enemy soldiers did not stand against our onslaught for very long. My blade danced alongside Mildrede's sword and shield, lending aid and mustering courage to all our allies.

The central gate fell quickly as well, although we had to be cautious of the incoming hail of stones from the catapults of the orcs. Our archers made short work of those trying to charge through our wall of steel blades to get to our casters. It was a sight to behold. We finally cleared the encampment of their Chief, a half-orcish creature named Graug. Once he realized that there was no where else to run, he turned to face us in the hopes that his scouts might get away in the confusion. Our archers were able to dash those evil thoughts quickly enough. After what felt like hours, we finally put this putrid, odorous beast to rest. Not a single scout survived to spread the secret location of the Ranger's hidden refuge. It was a epic success.
Kin Dinendae / May 31, 2012
Harken, a dwarf of no small stature from Lonley Mountain, sniffed the musky air. His senses highly trained from years of hunting in the wastelands of Middle Earth, catching a hint of putrid sweat. 'Trolls' he muttered under his breath. 'Big ones too.' Harken was on a scouting mission from his kinship. They had heard that Saruman had trolls guarding the gates. It was a concern that these may cause a problem for the assault that was planned later. He saw that there were 2 great trolls standing guard. And they smelled bad. Not an 'Ale-belch smell' bad, but a 'I really don't want to get near them' bad. He needed to get this information back to his comrades.

Back at the Kinhouse, Harken told his fellows about what he had discovered. The response was phenomenal. Not only the Thorns join the assault, but there were members from The Watch, Elendili, Lore Seekers, Aragorn's Allies, The Godlike Crown, Righteous Kingdom and countless others. You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful or eager band of adventurers. They mustered near the gates shortly before the assault to discuss the strategy they would use to defeat these behemoths. All the while, the tiny frame of the hobbit Pipsneak was just itching to charge forward to prove herself in combat. Finally, the threat of no breakfasts calmed her down enough to finish the battle plan.

Finally it was time for the assault to begin. In charged a heavily armoured squad of warriors! They were hell bent on keeping one of the trolls occupied while the rest of the group tackled the second one. Healers let fly to keep the morale and health of our armoured fighters up so that the rest could down the second troll. Mages let fly with powerful magic. Hunters let loose bombardments of deadly arrows and bolts. And the warriors just plowed right in to beat it down to submission. Great ballads and many stories shall be told of this battle. There was honor and glory won on this day. This band shall be known as 'The Gatecrashers' for their valiant fight against these mighty foes. We should never forget these warriors of courage and bravery to stand up to the cruelty of Saruman. They deserve our respect and admiration! The Windfola Alliance salutes you!
Kin Dinendae / May 23, 2012
The lady Izzabella has sent out a call to arms! A band of heroes is in need of my mighty blade and inspiring words. It appears that our friends at the Prancing Pony in Bree are being accosted by brigands bent on destroying that beacon of peace and fellowship. Of course I answered the call and swiftly joined with this noble band of brothers (and sisters) to defend this well known establishment from harm. Wave upon Wave of attacks charged our ranks. Wolves and Orcs! Brigands and Mages! The enemy kept coming and coming! This foe was determined to destroy this bastion of hope. Of the twelve of us, only one fell to their attacks. With the fall of our comrade, our mission teetered on the edge of failure. Luckily I noticed the faltering of my fellows and gave a mighty challenge to our foes. This inspired my comrades to new heights of courage and bolstered their morale! It was an epic battle, worthy of many songs and ballads! In the end, the enemy's mighty and fearsome leader was felled by our band and the patrons of the Prancing Pony were rescued from harm. We were also able to revive our fallen comrade and mend his wounds.

It was an honor to have been called to battle beside this heroic band of warriors, wizards, and adventurers. Should you have need of my blade again, sound the horn of glory and I shall be there to fight at your side!

Yours in honor and service,
Berenhathol of the Kindred
ToT Mudhawk / Dec 26, 2011

Welcome to the 1st issue of our WA Gazette.

The Alliance was a concept started several years ago - the site has gone through 3 different iterations. Each version getting better and better. Likewise with the membership.

Kins like Righteous Kingdom, Light & Flame, and Night's Watch have entered our ranks in the last few months and we have a seen tremendous growth in activity.

What makes it work is the people who are willing to go beyond their kins to create great events for all. Kudos to all of you folks that have set up and led events. It's a great feeling to see the Events Calendar filled up with lots of listings.

As a reminder, anyone can set up an event. If you have always wanted to lead a raid, but were a bit shy about doing so, rest assured - we are all in this to have fun. If it doesn't go well, try again. It's part of the game. Ask advice from our members on the site or in our chat.

If there are Kinships that would like a Windfola Alliance Badge added to their banners, let me know. I can set one up for you guys. If you don't have a banner, I will be happy to design one for you. My gift to the Kins that make this Alliance the best this server has to offer.